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(CityNewsNet ) - Seaside City's Tech District was dealt a deadly blow today when the Autonaught corporation’s six mile automatic driving roadway system, recently opened up for the public’s limited use, was held hostage by unnamed techno terrorists.

Drivers on their morning commute found they became prisoners of the Autonaught’s roadway system for nearly ninety minutes. Locked into their own automobiles without the ability to communicate with the outside world upon mere minutes of entering the road system. Prophetess, the self-styled ghost in the machine, gained illegal entry into the Autonaught’s network and systematically began releasing the automobiles from the roadways mag-tech control system, allowing the cars to exit the roadway system safely.

While there were no fatalities or injuries today’s events are sure to be considered an injury for Seaside Cities floundering technological economy and the Autonaught corporation’s new road-tech project.

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