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CityNewsNet (S3) In the Shadow of the Gods (E4) Corvus Syndrome

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(CityNewsNet ) - Through the study of Corvus Syndrome and its effects on the human genome at the Corax Institute Dr. Abeling has succeeded in determining how Corvus Corax escaped Dingo River all those years ago.

“They never had him in the first place. Not really.”

While publicly the good doctor had resisted any further involvement in the hunt for Corvus Corax himself his private quarters deep behind the institute’s security defenses tell a different story. An entire laboratory had been sealed off and cleared out of anything not Corax related. At its center, an old wooden desk, which Dr. Abeling was unable to sit behind as the desk chair had been pulled out and was also covered in reports an findings.

“Corvus Corax isn’t a human being at all, he never was. Oh he was born on this Earth like you and I all right but he’s different in nearly every other way: cardiovascularly; digestively; lymphatically, all of his major systems have been either replaced or heavily augmented by Psi.”

Dr Abeling and I continue to discuss the past and the good doctor is able to present me with quite a complete and thorough presentation of his findings. The details of which have recently become classified. While the timing of such a finding did not go unnoticed by this network we’ve removed the report visuals from our broadcast in order to adhere to our federal compliance standard...

You have been listening to “In the Shadow of the Gods” episode four, “The Corvus Syndrome.” Written by Caine Dorr and Paul Ellis. Performed by Paul Ellis. Theme music, “Into the Storm” provided by Brandon Liew (lee), and is available at free music archive.

This episode was produced at Wireless Adventures; all the thrills, with no strings attached.

Read the rest of the story and learn more about the illustrious Psion who nearly took over the world: Corvus Corax and those who brought him to justice at The Adventure Frequency.

Find out more about the author Caine and his great work at the Adventure Frequency Caine Dorr is the creator of the Huntsman Legion , Commander Knight of Knight Incorporated, The Paladin Brigade , Midnight Talon & Raven Star and many more.

His work can be experienced everyday at the Adventure Frequency and heard on the Adventure Frequency Podcast. The characters, events, and situations depicted within are © the authors.

CityNewsNet - and this recording are © Caine Dorr and released under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs - CC BY-NC-ND Creative Commons License.


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