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CityNewsNet (S3) Gemini Rescue (E1) Two Austringer Police Officers

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(CityNewsNet ) - Officer Hilton Styles, 30, who had been assigned to the London Division, and officer Demi Shore, 31, who had been assigned to the Special Operations Division, were both passengers in a vehicle that collided with an Uber at Wolfman Drive and Perez Street shortly after 2 a.m., according to Austringer PD and the London Division Watch Commander.

Styles was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officer Shore, who reportedly texted her status and position to a private service, was extracted from the vehicle by a rapid response team provided by Gemini Rescue. The vehicle, a Nissan Altima, was also reported to be on fire, bystanders confirmed. Rion Guard, Chief Operations Officer of Gemini Rescue, was on site coordinating the rescue of the Austringer Police Officer and personally rode in the ambulance to Austringer General to transfer officer Shore’s care from Gemini to those medical professionals at the city’s most advanced hospital to date.

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