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Here is a preview of our new 'Expose' style CityNewsNet episodes that will accompany Season 3, we hope you enjoy:

Eighteen prisoners, six guards, four police and two canine officers, an unnamed Paladin Brigade operative, and twelve innocent bystanders died; killed by a thought burst. It took fifty-one seconds from the time Corax left his cell until he disappeared into the darkness.

These points are never in dispute. A Brigade suborbital surveillance asset broadcast the footage on every available channel, including multiple outlets on the web. That day's footage caused the biggest viral video sensation the internet has ever seen before ... or since. The asset's internal AI determined the breakout was of such concern as to warrant mass notification. The world watched stunned, horrified, and speechless. That silence didn’t last.

The ensuing cacophony of outrage dredged up old fears long buried. The public demanded their governments answer for the excesses of these extra-normal beings, these Psions. Why weren’t they labeled, tagged, and tracked? Shouldn’t they be segregated? Incarcerated? Exterminated? These brutal questions reared their ugly heads as talking points and sound bytes, and digital oracles brayed forewarnings of the death and destruction to come....

Stay tuned for more as Season 3 of the CityNewsNet podcast returns January 2017

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CityNewsNet reports in the style of Breaking News Flashes where super powered beings reside: from the urban back alley concrete jungles to the shiny towers of the financial district. Featuring: crime reporting; news of the local supers; survivor's accounts of deadly scenarios; mysterious activities in the night sky; masked figures with unknowable intentions; normal citizens living in super powered cities; and much much more.

by Caine Dorr, Paul Ellis, The Adventure Frequency Press, Wireless Adventures.


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