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Welcome to our Extreme Sci-Fi Bundle!

Here's a note from a friend of the podcast:

J. Daniel Sawyer:

Humans are crazy. Really. Leave us alone for long enough, and some of us will jump out of perfectly good airplanes, hang out in one-hundred-foot surf with only a little scrap of fiberglass to keep us alive, or step off cliffs when there's nothing chasing us. The war against boredom brought us glorious lunatics like Sir Edmond Hillary, Felix Baumgartner, and Evel Knievel—and new technology keeps creating new ways to go for broke (or get broken trying). Nothing makes me happier than crazy people doing crazy things just because they can—so this bundle is filled to bursting with the kind of insane risks that you can find only in science fiction...until tomorrow's headlines hit the street.

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CityNewsNet reports in the style of Breaking News Flashes where super powered beings reside: from the urban back alley concrete jungles to the shiny towers of the financial district. Featuring: crime reporting; news of the local supers; survivor's accounts of deadly scenarios; mysterious activities in the night sky; masked figures with unknowable intentions; normal citizens living in super powered cities; and much much more.

by Caine Dorr, Paul Ellis, The Adventure Frequency Press, Wireless Adventures.


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