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(CityNewsNet ) - Seaside City Police officials reported the successful execution of six criminal warrants at the official clubhouse of the notorious motorcycle gang Tooth & Claw on Cobalt Road in Krenton Heights, at 10 past 10 this morning.

The enormous joint operation involved the Seaside City Crime Investigation Unit, the Divisional Response Unit, Motor Task Force One, Air Task Force One, ballistic experts, two canine units, a psionic assist unit, Search and Rescue, the local chapter of the Paladin Brigade and even the Speedster known as The Silver Sentinel.

Officials said the morning raid was related to recent poison control audits that detected large traces of designer chemical combinations used in the manufacturing of the street drug ‘Howler’.

Officials also seized a large quantity of experimental energy weapons recently gone missing from a federal stockade after the citywide twenty four hour blackout that resulted in over ninety thousand cases of temporary memory loss, fatigue and a dozen comatose patients exactly four months ago to the day.

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