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(CityNewsNet ) - Big news for peace activists today as representatives of the last three hold out states: Washington; Montana; and North Dakota have signed the extremely controversial ‘Death Penalty Suspension’ bill that will halt every death row case currently in the U.S. penal system as well as temporarily ban a sentence of death indefinitely. While it does face a reported presidential veto at the White House both the senate and the house of Representatives have reported that they will be moving forward on the initiative.

With the death penalty being temporarily suspended on at the federal level, opponents of this action point out that over forty six PSIONS, all of whom have abilities that allow them to live far longer than an average human, now only have to outlive their prison sentences in order to be able to wreak havoc on the world once their incarceration ends.

In particular, four of the most dangerous PSIONS ever discovered: THE BLACK QUAD have already served nearly twenty six years a piece and look as if they haven’t aged at all since they robbed sixty banks in a single day, resulting in the death of twenty five people back in March of 1990. Each of them will be out of prison by the end of this calendar year.

In yet another case, a release rapidly approaching at the end of the month, the mysterious WHITE SPHINX, will be a free woman in society once again after one hundred and three years in prison. Our older listeners will remember her as having the dubious honor of nearly taking over every mind within the borders of the United States for nearly forty six hours before being brought down by The SHADE SENTINEL. Stay tuned for updates on this story.

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