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(CityNewsNet ) - The great Marietta Mansion was dismantled this morning at the request of heiress Leslie Marietta. Although rumors of ghosts and shadow creatures have been reported, the real reason for the destruction of this once beautiful Mediterranean-style estate is unknown. One neighbor who witnessed the demolition reported, "The girl was strange. She wore the shabbiest of clothes, even though she's worth millions. And the sounds that came from inside when she was working... were horrifying."

The Mariettas have been known around the world for creating the greatest works of art for over one-hundred years. In 1906, Maxwell Mareitta received the Sculpture Award of Merit from the Louvre for his depiction of St. Francis receiving the stigmata. Previous owner, Stella Marietta, was recognized by the World Art Society for her paintings and her sister, Hilary, holds the distinction of highest grossing single art piece in the United States with her "The Sun at Night" painting now hanging in San Francisco's Legion of Honor.

Leslie, the last living heir of the Marietta estate, would not comment on why she had the residence destroyed. At last count, there were twenty-two individual surviving bricks for sale on eBay.

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