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(CityNewsNet ) - Margaret Hale, the young woman who spent forty five minutes trapped in a Guardian Pod while touring the Pacifica branch of the Paladin Brigade this morning, is resting quietly at county general hospital this evening.

The Brigade, a private security agency, is rumored to have contracts from governments all over the world, and claims to be fully staffed with armed metahumans. Construction began on their west coast offices twelve months ago amidst quite the stir of controversy.

A series of goodwill tours of the facility ended today when the morning expedition into the lower level was halted due to the west coast Paladin Brigade’s high alert status. The tour was abruptly cancelled and guests quickly ushered out of the building when the Brigade deployed. In the rush to exit the facility Margaret Hale reportedly tripped and fell into a Guardian pod. In her attempt to exit the car sized device, she accidentally activated its calibration sequences locking the pod up tight for forty five minutes during the Brigade’s classified mission.

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