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(CityNewsNet ) - A Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, used by dozens of high profile institutions, has been linked to dozens of unsolved robberies and, in some cases, previously unreported assaults. Theses attacks have occurred all over the country in the last three months. A custom evidence packet distributed to this very network from the mysterious diva data diver known only as the PROPHETESS showcase disturbingly strong links between the MOOC and each victim reported in the packet.

Said packet includes i.p. addresses, hard drive hacks, captured emails, private surveillance, web traffic traces, and a series of tidy organized briefs. We have confirmed that copies of this packet are in the hands of numerous district attorneys, as well as representatives of the justice department. So far, law enforcement officials have declined comment on any case or investigation, however this reporter has confirmed that the MOOC, its user accounts, and any cached trace evidence of the site have all mysteriously vanished from the internet within the last six hours; ensuring that no other unsuspecting victim will get entangled in this questionable web site.

Find out more about the author Caine and his great work at Caine Dorr is the creator of the Huntsman Legion , Commander Knight of Knight Incorporated, The Paladin Brigade , Midnight Talon & Raven Star and many more. His work can be experienced everyday at the Adventure Frequency and heard on the Adventure Frequency Podcast Network. The characters, events, and situations depicted within are © the author.

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CityNewsNet reports in the style of Breaking News Flashes where super powered beings reside: from the urban back alley concrete jungles to the shiny towers of the financial district. Featuring: crime reporting; news of the local supers; survivor's accounts of deadly scenarios; mysterious activities in the night sky; masked figures with unknowable intentions; normal citizens living in super powered cities; and much much more.

by Caine Dorr, Paul Ellis, The Adventure Frequency Press, Wireless Adventures.


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