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(CityNewsNet ) - We have an update to an earlier story regarding the confusing incident at a local area apartment complex. This reporter has identified the unknown assailant of six Toledo patrol officers; the same ‘female’ who reportedly hovered ten feet off the ground before blasting off in fiery flight into the night sky.

The previously unidentified ‘female,’ first believed to be Jason Connors’ girlfriend, is in reality none other than Natalie Preston, heir apparent to the Preston fortune. Her legacy increased ten fold when Natalie’s father Paul Preston purchased three competing space transportation agencies in his bid to create Preston Universal.

Preston Universal won the contract to build the highly anticipated space elevator, beating out Space-X; sources say by less than ten million dollars. Our investigation indicates that Natalie and her father have not spoken since the senior Preston shifted focus from archeology to space transportation nearly two years ago. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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