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(CityNewsNet ) - Six of Toledo’s finest were injured today responding to a simple disturbing the peace call at a local area apartment complex. The scene quickly devolved into utter chaos, resulting in the rollout of all three of Toledo’s SWAT units.

Confused reports on the ground from witnesses vary wildly; from an alien invasion, to a terrorist cell, and in one case, to stone faced gargoyles.

All witnesses did report a blindingly powerful light coming from within the apartment in question. This was shortly followed the appearance of an individual witnesses describe as ‘male,’ who, reportedly, could stand on the ceiling and run up the side of the building. Joining ‘him’ was another individual witnesses described as ‘female,’ who hovered in the air ten feet above the ground before blasting off into the night sky leaving a strong odor of ozone in her wake.

Police are withholding the names of the injured officers at the moment, and are urging anyone with any information regarding the two missing residents: Jason Connors and his girlfriend; to contact them immediately.

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