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(CityNewsNet ) - When the Pacifica Police were called in, their investigation exposed a vast network of underground tunnels extending throughout Pacifica City that had previously been unknown to authorities. Six men, all in the employ of the Jade Lounge were found unconscious and rushed to Pacifica general hospital, each man having exactly 100 tiny needles tipped with an unknown tranquilizer embedded into their chest, neck, and face. Check our show notes to get the full story of ‘The Good Stuff’ and an update on Leonard Battle’s whereabouts.

(FOLLOW UP ) - Read the full story of the Hidden Tunnels under Pacifica City in The Huntsman Legion Legionnaire Log 38R (Legionnaire Logs #1) here:

Find out more about the author Caine and his great work at Caine Dorr is the creator of the Huntsman Legion , Commander Knight of Knight Incorporated, The Paladin Brigade , Midnight Talon & Raven Star and many more. His work can be experienced everyday at the Adventure Frequency and heard on the Adventure Frequency Podcast Network. The characters, events, and situations depicted within are © the author.

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CityNewsNet reports in the style of Breaking News Flashes where super powered beings reside: from the urban back alley concrete jungles to the shiny towers of the financial district. Featuring: crime reporting; news of the local supers; survivor's accounts of deadly scenarios; mysterious activities in the night sky; masked figures with unknowable intentions; normal citizens living in super powered cities; and much much more.

by Caine Dorr, Paul Ellis, The Adventure Frequency Press, Wireless Adventures.


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