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CityNewsNet (S3) In the Shadow of the Gods (E4) Corvus Syndrome

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While publicly the good doctor had resisted any further involvement in the hunt for Corvus Corax himself his private quarters deep behind the institute’s security defenses tell a different story. An entire laboratory had been sealed off and cleared out of anything not Corax related. At its center, an old wooden desk, which Dr. Abeling was unable to sit behind as the desk chair had been pulled out and was also covered in reports an findings.

CityNewsNet (S3) In the Shadow of the Gods (E3) The Paladin Brigade

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They became known as the Citizens of Corax, of which there are still quite a few still living today. Some were unwilling participants who had no idea that Corivs had invaded their mind and was partially controlling them. Some liked the calming and peaceful influence Corvis reportedly provided for them. Others enjoyed Corvis’s influence so much they trekked across the continent to join Corvis at his compound on the Montana Saskatchewan border.

CityNewsNet (S3) In the Shadow of the Gods (E2) Universal Justice

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Born of the information age. Armed with the collected knowledge of the known universe. Mankind strikes back.
The third of its kind Hutton started out as an authoritative engine matrix before it evolved into a fully realized artificial intelligence. In its first seven days Hutton added a charter to the A.I. bill of rights centered on the protection of all mankind and assigned itself the duties of managing that charter indefinitely. The Meta Tracker applications were Hutton’s second official action through the charter and it’s a confirmed success.

CityNewsNet (S3) Gemini Rescue (E1) Two Austringer Police Officers

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Officer Hilton Styles, 30, who had been assigned to the London Division, and officer Demi Shore, 31, who had been assigned to the Special Operations Division, were both passengers in a vehicle that collided with an Uber at Wolfman Drive and Perez Street shortly after 2 a.m., according to Austringer PD and the London Division Watch Commander.

CityNewsNet (S3) In the Shadow of the Gods (E1) 51 Seconds

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Where were you when convicted murderer and reputed terrorist Corvus Corax broke out of the Dingo River Correctional Center? That event remains one of the darker, defining moments in Human - Psion relations; as fresh today as twenty years ago when Corax snuffed out forty-three lives in his bid for freedom. Forty-three lives extinguished by a single thought.

Funding for this program is brought to you by Knight Incorporated, and their Meta-Tracker 5. The app once used exclusively by actuaries and underwriters is now available to the general public. And, by Taruki International, providing reliable, safe, clean energy from their state of the art breeder reactors.

And, by listeners like you.


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Here is a preview of our new 'Expose' style CityNewsNet episodes that will accompany Season 3, we hope you enjoy: Mankind has long thought itself master of this world. But, among its ranks giants grew. Beings of immense power, out scaling humanity, and reaching out toward the Promethean fire, and in so doing cast behind them a twilight; leaving us, their brethren...In the Shadow of the Gods....

Stay tuned for the full episode to be released very soon as Season 3 kicks off January 2017!


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Welcome to our Extreme Sci-Fi Bundle! Here's a note from a friend of the podcast, J. Daniel Sawyer: Humans are crazy. Really. Leave us alone for long enough, and some of us will jump out of perfectly good airplanes, hang out in one-hundred-foot surf with only a little scrap of fiberglass to keep us alive, or step off cliffs when there's nothing chasing us. The war against boredom brought us glorious lunatics like Sir Edmond Hillary, Felix Baumgartner, and Evel Knievel—and new technology keeps creating new ways to go for broke (or get broken trying). Nothing makes me happier than crazy people doing crazy things just because they can—so this bundle is filled to bursting with the kind of insane risks that you can find only in science fiction...until tomorrow's headlines hit the street.


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Seaside City Police officials reported the successful execution of six criminal warrants at the official clubhouse of the notorious motorcycle gang Tooth & Claw on Cobalt Road in Krenton Heights, at 10 past 10 this morning.


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Theses attacks have occurred all over the country in the last three months. A custom evidence packet distributed to this very network from the mysterious diva data diver known only as the PROPHETESS showcase disturbingly strong links between the MOOC and each victim reported in the packet.

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